The primary purpose of education is to provide the students a learning environment which brings out the best in them. We believe that every child is endowed with a unique set of attributes and abilities, which need to be nurtured so that they can blossom into ideal personalities. Therefore, every student deserves an education that fosters academic excellence and all-round development, and ensures their well-being. We are inspired by these tenets in everything we do at Ignite IAS.

At Ignite IAS, we provide a learning space that inspires and motivates the students, and encourages them to explore limitless possibilities in their quest for knowledge. Since inception, our overarching goal has been to make Ignite IAS a happy abode, where teaching is a pleasure and learning is a joy; where learning and excelling is a passion, and where ethics and values have a pre-eminent place.

Our caring and committed faculty is our pillar of strength. They put their heart and soul in to teaching and educating the students. They make learning process enjoyable and rewarding, and instill in the students the importance of sound values and deep rooted morals. All our programmes are combined with sports and other co-curricular activities to facilitate students’ holistic education.

Director of the Ignite IAS

Mr. Chintam SRINIVASA REDDY, the Director of the Ignite IAS has nearly three decades of experience in the education sector.
He has been associated with the Royal Group of Colleges since its inception as promoter and Director.
He is responsible for the overall working of the group and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the group in educational and external programs.
Besides this, Mr. SRINIVASA REDDY is experienced in areas of educational secretarial practice.
SRINIVASA REDDY has extensive experience in corporate management and marketing in the resources sector including over 30 years with the Royal group of colleges.

Our Director(Edu) & Chief Mentor

N S Reddy, MA (History), M.Sc. (Eco-Tourism), MBA, LLB, PGDPM, PGDTHM, being highly qualified and having an experience of more than 25 years as a Group 1 and Civil Services Officer, guides Ignite IAS in its educational planning, curriculum development strategy and mentors our students in learning necessary skills and knowledge to achieve success in the Civil Services Examination and to become efficient administrators of the nation.

DEAN - Civils

Mr. A.N.REDDY, Dean of Civil service programme, Ignite IAS has nearly 8 years experience in mentoring civil service students in Delhi. His pedagogy style is intense and rigorous with a keen eye on the current exam requirements. His niche areas include Polity, Governance, International Relations and essay writing. Besides academics he is known to be keen motivator among civil service students community.

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