3 Simple Tips to Crack UPSC Prelims in First Attempt

3 Simple Tips to Crack UPSC Prelims in First Attempt

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3 Simple Tips to Crack UPSC Prelims in First Attempt

We know that the UPSC Civil Services exam has 3 stages. The first stage is Prelims; it is objective in nature. The second stage is Mains; it is a written examination. The third stage is the interview; it is a verbal evaluation process. In these three, the first stage, which is prelims is very unique and every aspirant irrespective of his level of preparation appears for this stage. Those who fail in any of the subsequent stages will start over from prelims again.

The preliminary exam demands a unique approach due to the sheer competition faced by aspirants. Failure in this stage can jeopardize the whole preparation strategy. So, you need the help of the best academy like Ignite IAS who can help you crack the prelims and the subsequent exams easily. If you have already completed intermediate, join our integrated degree with IAS coaching in Hyderabad now, and we will take every measure to help you guide to success.

Tips to Crack UPSC Prelims

  1. Attempt the mock test: A number of mock tests are available for you online, and at Ignite IAS, if you join our degree with IAS coaching, we also help you get proper mock test experience. Don’t attempt too many as it would drain your precious energy. We will provide an exam type environment to Ignite IAS so that you can get a clear idea of how the test will be. Remember that don’t be excited with high performance, and poor performance should not bring you frustration. Just try and improve yourself every time.
  2. Revise properly: The syllabus of Prelims is massive and dispersed. Hence, revision should be both reasonable and timebound. When you join our degree with civils coaching in Hyderabad, we will provide guidance on how to scan the syllabus properly and prioritize. The syllabus which is fact-oriented must be revised multiple times before the actual exam.
  3. Practice previous year question papers: Past year papers will give you an insight and a direction and orientation for your preparation. Apart from improving your skill base, past year papers will help in forming your mental outlook. This enhances your common sense and helps eliminate options.

Though there are many tips to crack prelims exam, these are the main tips that help. To know more tips and easily crack the exam, you can join our integrated degree with IAS coaching in Hyderabad after finishing your intermediate. We provide the best IAS coaching with degree in Hyderabad right now. So, hurry up and join Ignite IAS – The best IAS academy with degree in Hyderabad! To contact us, call us on +91 799 799 2479/80/81.

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