M Satyanarayana

I am M Satyanarayana, MA in Economics, with more than 30 years of experience in teaching Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. I have over 20 years of experience in Campus Administration. I am associated with IGNITE IAS ACADEMY, since 2019. At present, I am working as Principal in IGNITE IAS ACADEMY, Hyderabad.

Madhavi Kanaparthi

This is Madhavi Kanaparthi, vice Principal and senior English faculty with over 16 years of experience in English teaching.Expertise includes excellent administrative skills and having great knowledgeof English subjects. I always focus on maximizing students’ educational potential by applying diverse instructional strategies and classroom management techniques. I believe that I am also skillful in delivering lectures, facilitatingdiscussions, and planning hands-on activities to enhancethe learning experience.  I have expertise in imparting learning skills, communication skills, personality development and good study habits.


I am Sunitha, senior faculty in Economics with 19 years of teaching experience for degree and intermediate classes with a proven success record for several batches.  Associated with Ignite IAS Academy since 2019-20, enriching learning experience for the student community with relatable examples/scenarios.

K Syamala

I am K Syamala, Lecturer in Sanskrit, teaching since 1995. I worked in prominent corporate colleges and many of my students scored Top State level ranks in IPE. I am associated with IGNITE from 2 years. I teach with dedication by explainingthe basics in Sanskrit.

Rama Devi

I take this opportunity as anhonour to introduce myself, P. Rama Devi, M.A., B.Ed.; working as an Assistant professor in the department of H & S(ENGLISH) from 2011. Trained in English literature and interested in teaching graduate and undergraduate classes in English literature and language including Communication Skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening). I completed M.A. (English) from A.U.M.S.N.P. G. Centre, Andhra University campus, Kakinada in 2011. Currently working in IGNITE IAS Academy, Kompally, Hyderabad.

Safoora Farooq

I Safoora Farooq, faculty for political science with more than 10 years of teaching experience. I at ignite IAS aim to convey knowledge to students with various teaching methodologies that would help them uplift their self-esteem and maintain interest and enthusiasm. My focus is on imparting newlearning techniques to enrich students learning abilities.


Iam Kavitha, Senior Faculty in Physics with 12 years of experience for Intermediate classes with proven success record for several batches. Associated with Ignite IAS enriching Leadership qualities and motivating forces for students with relatable practicals and examples.

R.Nageswar Rao

I am R.Nageswar Rao. Faculty in History with 2years of experience for Intermediate classes with proven success.Associated with Ignite IAS Academy since 2020-22.

Thirupal Reddy

Iam Thirupal Reddy,senior faculty in mathematics with 17 years of teaching experience for intermediate. I worked in corporate and non-corporate colleges in Hyderabad with a successful record.I associated with IGNITE IAS ACADEMY from 2 years. My aim is to establish and maintain a positive relationship with students, parents and administrators. I analyze students reports to determine individual student needs, progress and to make suggestions for improvement.

V Madhu

I am V Madhu. Senior chemistry faculty. I have 10 years in teaching chemistry for lIT JEE Advanced Level Competitive Exam in major cities across India. Had been Part of many successful stories of my students, with all India Ranks ranging between 100 to 5000. I am a passionate teacher and my strength lies in the effective logical construct of the Topic from basic to advance level.

Madhusudhan Reddy Muchantula

I am Madhusudhan Reddy Muchantula ,Senior Commerce & Accountancy faculty with 6 years of teaching experience in commerce, I have been with Ignite since 2018. I am committed to provide excellence in the field of Commerce and Management education thereby mouldingthe students for holistic development with a great confidence level.

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