Role of a Mentor in Clearing Your IAS Exam

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Role of a Mentor in Clearing Your IAS Exam

Witnessing the high success rate of the IAS academies today, many IAS aspirants are willing to join an institute to learn the techniques to easily crack the IAS exam. There are many civil service coaching institutes in Hyderabad, and it may not be easy to find the best one. But, Ignite IAS is no doubt one of the finest civils coaching centres in Hyderabad and are offering the best training for the aspirants to crack IAS with ease.

How IAS institute mentors will be of help to the aspirants

In this blog, we will discuss why an IAS institute can be of immense help to the aspirants to easily crack the IAS exam.

  • Teach at the level of the student:

Completing the exam is not the only thing to help an aspirant crack the IAS exam. Any institute can cover all the topics that a student should learn and complete the syllabus. But, the whole objective of learning is to guide the student to learn by understanding his capability. This is where a mentor should concentrate on. A mentor should understand the learning level of the student and help him to get the pace that is required to crack the exam. Ignite IAS besides covering the entire topic will understand the learning level of the student and give the training, thereby helping the student to succeed.

  • Clear doubts at the right time:

Many IAS aspirants face this issue. They will study a lot, but they do not clear the doubts which they get when they are studying. If you have a mentor by your side, he/she can clear all your doubts at the moment you get a doubt. Then, you can go with clarity for the rest of your study time. Being the best civils coaching centers in Hyderabad, Ignite IAS has hostel facility where mentors are available all the time when students are studying so that their doubts when they arise.

  • A guiding hand:

There is no objective method to explaining the help great mentorship can offer to an IAS aspirant. As we know that training for civil services is a long process that drains energy and motivation. A good mentor can offer words of wisdom at these low points and build the self-confidence of the aspirant.

So, these are some of the vital aspects where a mentor plays a key role in guiding the IAS aspirant.


If you are looking for civil services coaching in Hyderabad, then join Ignite IAS right away. With experienced mentors, we offer the best civils coaching in Hyderabad so that you will crack IAS in the very first attempt.

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