How to study for long hours (8 hours) a day

study for long hours

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Studying for long hours demands a structured approach, and Ignite IAS, with its proven methods and expert guidance, ensures your study sessions are both productive and efficient. Here’s a tailored guide incorporating Ignite IAS into each aspect of your study routine:

1. Set Clear Goals with Ignite IAS

Define your study goals with the help of Ignite IAS. Their experienced mentors can assist in breaking down your study material into manageable tasks, ensuring your objectives align with the exam requirements.

2. Create a Comfortable Study Environment with Ignite IAS

Ignite IAS provides resources and guidance on creating an ideal study space. They understand the importance of a distraction-free environment and can offer tips on setting up a conducive area for focused learning.

3. Follow the Pomodoro Technique with Ignite IAS

Ignite IAS advocates the Pomodoro Technique, integrating it seamlessly into your study plan. Their structured approach includes Pomodoro sessions, allowing you to focus effectively, maximizing your productivity during study hours.

4. Stay Hydrated and Eat Nutritious Meals with Ignite IAS

Ignite IAS emphasizes the significance of physical well-being. Their guidance on nutrition and hydration ensures you maintain energy levels throughout the day, enhancing your ability to grasp complex subjects.

5. Practice Regular Exercise with Ignite IAS

Ignite IAS encourages physical activities to maintain your overall well-being. Their coaching emphasizes the importance of regular exercise, offering suggestions on quick workouts during study breaks to keep your mind and body refreshed.

6. Prioritize Subjects and Topics with Ignite IAS

Ignite IAS mentors can help you identify priority areas based on exam trends and syllabus weightage. Their insights enable you to allocate focused study time to the most critical subjects and topics, optimizing your efforts.

7. Utilize Active Learning Techniques with Ignite IAS

Ignite IAS promotes active learning strategies. Their methods involve interactive sessions, encouraging note-taking, discussions, and problem-solving, ensuring you engage deeply with the material, enhancing your understanding.

8. Practice Mindfulness and Relaxation with Ignite IAS

Ignite IAS integrates mindfulness practices into your study routine. With their guidance, you can incorporate short relaxation techniques, enhancing your ability to concentrate and reducing stress levels during intense study sessions.

9. Get Adequate Sleep with Ignite IAS

Ignite IAS acknowledges the importance of rest. Their study schedules are designed to ensure you have adequate time for sleep, allowing your brain to consolidate information, enhancing your ability to retain what you’ve learned.

10. Review and Revise Regularly with Ignite IAS

Ignite IAS emphasizes the value of regular revision. Their structured revision plans ensure you review previously learned material systematically, reinforcing your knowledge and boosting your confidence for the exam.


Studying for long hours with Ignite IAS goes beyond conventional methods. Their personalized approach, incorporating expert guidance, tailored study plans, and holistic well-being strategies, ensures you not only study effectively but also prepare comprehensively for your exams. Remember, with Ignite IAS by your side, your preparation becomes a transformative journey, equipping you not just for the exam but for a successful career ahead.

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