Role of NCERT in Civil’s Preparation

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The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) plays an important role in preparing for the IAS exam. The NCERT books contain comprehensive information about various topics that are part of the syllabus for the IAS exam. These books provide a solid foundation for preparation, helping aspirants gain knowledge about topics like Indian history, geography, economics, and more.

In addition to this, these books are also an excellent resource for understanding current civil service-related topics like development policies, public administration and international relations. This makes them a must-have resource for anyone who is serious about cracking the IAS exam.

NCERT Text Books

The NCERT textbooks are also beneficial as they cover more than just the bare essentials needed to pass the exam. The content in these books goes beyond what is necessary to pass the exam and makes learning enjoyable and interesting. This helps students become knowledgeable in all areas related to civil service exams, leading to better prospects of success in the long run.

Moreover, these textbooks are easy to read and understand – something that can’t be said for other sources used in preparation such as scholarly articles or online resources. This makes them ideal if you’re short on time or don’t have access to other resources.

Overall, NCERT textbooks are essential resources when it comes to Civil Service Preparation as they create a strong foundation of knowledge which can then be supplemented with other sources during revisions closer to exam time.

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