Cracking Civil Services Exam with Ignite IAS

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Cracking Civil Services Exam with Ignite IAS

Every IAS academy says that the formula to crack UPSC conducted civil services exam is not straightforward. Ignite IAS, the best IAS academy in Hyderabad also says the same. Few aspirants study for 16 hours a day and a few studies for just 8 hours. The one who studies for 8 hours may crack the exam but the one who had studied for 16 hours couldn’t make it. Join in the top 10 IAS academies in Hyderabad to know the mantras for success. Being the top IAS coaching academy in Hyderabad, we have listed a few mantras from our endless list to help you crack the exam.

  1. Create a unique strategy of your own:

Just hard work can’t achieve all the things in life. You need to work smart and put in the right efforts to achieve big things. This works for civil service exam too. It’s not about how many hours you read but it’s about knowing:

  • What to read and whatnot.
  • How much of it must be read
  • How to use the learning to answer appropriately

So, the first mantra is to have a clear picture of the chapters that you must read. The best thing to do is to join a top IAS academy in Hyderabad and ask the mentors to give a strategy. But, don’t copy the strategy blindly. Use the strategy as a reference and create your own strategy based on how you read and understand the topics.

  1. Target small questions:

The smaller questions should be answered quickly so that you will have enough time for the bigger ones. Complete the 2 marks questions very quickly. Many students start writing bigger for bigger questions as they believe that they can complete the smaller ones in the last very quickly. But they fail to write them comprehensively. So, starting with small questions is important. Take the last 2 years papers and practice the 2-mark questions.

  1. Build answering skills:

Many aspirants were able to clear Prelims, but mains exam is their biggest hurdle. Civil service exam is not just about studying for hours but having the required skill and knowledge of presenting all the answers perfectly. To clear the mains exam, consider leveraging these tricks:

  • Stick to the word limit. Don’t spend writing so many pages for one question as you will not have time for the rest of the paper.
  • Draw flow charts, graphs, pie charts without fail, if they are needed for that answer. The examiner will understand that you know the topic instantly.
  • Answer every question giving creative inputs and positive points as it helps you stand out from your competitors.


We have a lot more mantras like these! Join Ignite IAS training academy in Hyderabad today and we shall see to it that you crack IAS in the very first attempt.

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