Decoding UPSC Success: An Insightful Session with K N Chandana Jahnavi

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The journey to cracking the UPSC exam is often described as challenging, demanding, and requiring unwavering dedication. This sentiment was echoed and explored in depth during an interactive session held at Ignite IAS on June 29, 2024. The session featured K N Chandana Jahnavi, who secured an impressive All India Rank (AIR) 50 in the 2023 UPSC exam.

Event Overview

Date: June 29, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM
Venue: Ignite IAS

The event aimed to unravel the intricacies of preparing for the UPSC exam, providing aspiring candidates with valuable insights and strategies from someone who has successfully navigated this formidable journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Personalized Preparation Strategies
  • Chandana emphasized the importance of understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses. She shared her approach to creating a personalized study plan that maximized her strengths while addressing her weaker areas.
  • Consistent Revision and Practice
  • Highlighting the significance of regular revision, she discussed how revisiting topics multiple times ensured a deeper understanding and retention of concepts. Chandana also stressed the importance of practicing answer writing to enhance clarity and precision in the actual exam.
  • Balancing Optional and General Studies
  • One of the challenges UPSC aspirants face is balancing the preparation for optional subjects with general studies. Chandana provided practical tips on managing time effectively to cover both areas comprehensively.
  • Stress Management and Motivation
  • The mental aspect of UPSC preparation can be daunting. Chandana shared techniques that helped her stay motivated and manage stress, including meditation, regular exercise, and maintaining a positive outlook.
  • Resource Utilization
  • She highlighted the importance of selecting the right study materials and resources. Chandana recommended focusing on a few quality sources rather than overwhelming oneself with numerous books and notes.

Interactive Q&A Session

The highlight of the event was the interactive Q&A session, where Chandana answered questions from the audience. She provided personalized advice and clarified doubts, making the session highly engaging and informative. Some of the key questions addressed included:

  • How to choose the right optional subject?
  • Strategies for effective time management?
  • Dealing with setbacks and maintaining consistency?


The session with K N Chandana Jahnavi at Ignite IAS was a resounding success. Her practical advice, combined with her inspiring journey, left a lasting impact on all attendees. Aspiring UPSC candidates walked away with renewed motivation and a clearer understanding of what it takes to succeed in one of the most prestigious examinations in India.

Stay tuned for more such enriching sessions at Ignite IAS, where we continue to ignite the intellectual curiosity of young minds and guide them towards their dreams.

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