Preparing for the civil services exams? It’s important to understand the role of current affairs in your overall preparation.

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Current affairs, or more specifically current events, are seen as a key component for exam candidates wanting to be successful in competitive examinations like the civil services exams. The questions asked on these tests often revolve around topics that are happening in the present – from news items to issues regarding politics, economics, education, science and technology. A good knowledge of what’s going on in the world is a must if you want to stay ahead of your competition.

At first glance, it might seem difficult to keep up with all of today’s news and happenings. But with some planning and discipline, you can become an expert. Here are some tips on how to build an understanding of current affairs for your civil services exam preparation:

  1. Follow credible sources – Reading daily newspapers or watching television news channels is a great way to start following important news stories. Make sure you follow credible sources so that you get accurate information related to current affairs only.
  2. 2.Read magazines – If you have limited time then opt for reading monthly magazines which condense many relevant facts within a few pages that can help provide an overview of developments taking place across different fields at any given time period in history.
  3. Take notes – Once you grasp some important pieces of information related to current affairs make sure that you write them down too because this will help develop your memory and improve recall ability when needed during your actual examination hall assessment!
  4. Analyse events – Understanding the context behind why certain events take place gives you not only knowledge but also insight into making predictions about upcoming circumstances or strategies required while taking decisions in situations where similar context has happened before! This will help build problem solving skills too which can prove beneficial during written assessments especially General Studies papers!

Therefore, it is clear that knowing about current affairs plays an important role in exam preparation for civil services exams and other competitive examinations as well; considering its importance therefore one should make sure enough efforts are being put into understanding global issues and their impacts regularly so that they can perform better than others when confronted with tricky scenarios during their examinations!

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