Top IAS Preparation Tips for Beginners

Top IAS Preparation Tips for Beginners

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Top IAS Preparation Tips for Beginners

The decision to appear for the Civil Services Exam may be simple, but what follows afterwards is irresistible as well as a humbling experience. Especially, for a beginner, the first few months are spent just in understanding what this exam is about and finding the right path to follow to reach their goal. To get help, join Ignite IAS as we are the best IAS coaching institute in Hyderabad as of now. Being the best institute for IAS in Hyderabad, we have proper preparation tips that are best for you to easily crack IAS.

Top 3 IAS Preparation Tips

Some of the top tips to ease your IAS preparation are given only by the best civil services coaching institutes in Hyderabad. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Zero Down on Sources:

There are hundreds of books for UPSC beginners and loads of reading material for this popular exam. So, finding the sources that are most reliable, and comprehensive becomes quite a task. The suggestion here would be to do a cursory reading of the books suggested by others and then pick the ones you feel are best suited. Don’t buy books online. No matter which supplementary books you refer to, there is no substitute for NCERTs.

  1. Save the Notes for Last:

As a top IAS institute in Hyderabad, we suggest to not start making notes as soon as you start a subject. Consult at least 1-2 sources besides the NCERT, highlight the main points as you read & then compile them into notes. Many make the mistake of making history notes by just reading the old NCERT and the reference books and later discovers that the Tamil Nadu NCERTs and other books also have lots of relevant information. As a result, he/ she has to make notes all over again.

  1. Make Revision a Habit:

When you begin studying, you will understand that even the easiest of topics has the widest of material available. As you read more, you will forget the old. So, make it a point to first revise the previous day’s notes before gathering new material on a topic. Revising every day will take you less time than finishing an entire topic and then reading it again.

As the best IAS institute in Hyderabad, we suggest you follow these tips if you are a beginner. Even if you are not a beginner you can follow these important tips apart from the other tips. Ignite IAS is one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Hyderabad right now and we suggest you join us to crack your IAS exam in your first attempt.

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