5 tips for success on the IAS exam

5 tips of success for ias

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IAS Exam UPSC is said to be the most difficult examination in the country. However, no matter how high the difficulty meter is, one must always focus on overcoming the obstacles and tackling them with the most effective methodologies. Examinations become easy with the right mindset, hard work and determination to achieve the full potential of their minds and crack the course. Similarly, UPSC might seem like a mountain you cannot climb, but with the right equipment and determination, anybody can climb even Mount Everest. We are here to bring you 5 tips for success in the IAS exam.

5 tips for success in the IAS exam: 

Be thorough with the entire portion:

UPSC has a vast portion, and each topic has a detailed formulation. It is extremely important to first be thorough with the entire syllabus of the exam and then go for other methods or strategies for cracking the exam. Anything you see in the question paper will be directly from the syllabus; thus, it is mandatory to keep yourself up to date with the knowledge of each subject. That’s it right there has solved your 50% problem.

Scrutinize the pattern: 

Going through different previous year question papers will give you a gross advantage on the examination altogether. Most of the time, the pattern of the question paper remains the same. Once you start referring to these papers, you will understand which topic holds higher weightage, repeated questions that have been common in most of the documents and the expected result they are looking for in the exam. This way, you can start revising accordingly and give your best performance. 

Current affairs to the rescue: 

Current affairs are one of the most critical aspects of the UPSC examination. Keep a note of all the recent happenings in the country and worldwide to be up-to-date with the proceedings. Opting for a routine habit of reading a trusted newspaper, a proper news channel or a credible blog/app to get your daily updates is a great choice when it comes to preparing for current affairs. A separate book for current affairs will give you a more comprehensive picture of the entire subject variant. 

Mock tests are saviours: 

Mock tests are a valuable tool for students aspiring to the UPSC and everyone. These tests attempt to understand and identify potential gaps in your preparation and assist you in effectively focusing on correcting this error for the main examination. These practice tests also help you know the pressure you’ll be under on exam day. This way, you’ll have more time to learn about your triggers and develop effective coping mechanisms that will help you succeed in the UPSC exam. Mock tests can help you build your skills and achieve higher scores in a variety of ways. A good test series can assist you in learning this skill. They have been marked to help in preparation and to help them understand the intensity of the examination with a favourable outcome.   

Practice makes a difference:

Practising is the key towards excellence. Make sure you practice writing exams while solving mock test papers to keep up with the limited exam timing and abundance of questions to solve. This way, you will be able to learn time management and strategize better on how much time needs to be spent on answering each question. This practice methodology works wonders for lengthy exams like UPSC. 

This brings us to the end of this article, where we have discussed 5 tips for success in the IAS exam that will help you with UPSC preparation. IGNITE IAS Academy prepares you to transform from an aspirant to an officer with practical learning courses and strategies.

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